We Do Have a Sixth Sense – Terrifying Premonitions

In this latest story, world-famous psychic researcher Tom Slemen examines the mystery of the terrifying premonitions.

Some years ago I was a guest on the Pete Price Phone-In on Radio City for four hours, talking about all matters paranormal, and the course of the discussion turned to one of premonitions, and Pete asked the listeners to call the station or to email him and me with any premonitions or dreams they’d had that had come to pass.

Many listeners had foreseen numerous births and deaths. One lady in Birkenhead named Rita – who had been told she would never conceive – had a graphic dream in which she gave birth to a red-haired baby, and four years later she did, a year after she had started going out with an old school friend.

Rita and her partner did not have red hair, but the baby had inherited its ginger locks from his grandmother. Now, that could be all down to coincidence and chance, but in the dream of giving birth, the lady had entered a maternity hospital she had never set eyes on before, but she recalled every detail of the place from the dream.

A few years after this, when she met her husband, she and he moved down to London because of his work, settling in the Hammersmith area. When Rita went into labour she was rushed to the Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital.

Rita recognised the place from her dream from four years ago. Why she’d had a sneak preview of her future life is unknown – perhaps it was to tell her not to give up her dream of having a baby.

That night on the Radio City phone-in, scores of people phoned in with their premonitions, mostly seen in dreams, and a sizeable quotient of these precognitive accounts dovetailed to paint a very disturbing future event which will hopefully never come to pass.

The mass premonitions concerned a passenger jet approaching Bromborough at rooftop level, coming from the east, and it was tilting left with an engine on fire, trailing sparks and smoke as its engines moaned.

The jet seemed to move in slow motion, passing over Leverhulme Sports Ground where tiny multicoloured specks – teens playing football – were scattering as the ominous shadow of the leviathan of the skies passed over them. The queue of traffic on New Chester Road was a scene of immense panic as people scrambled from their vehicles to escape the oncoming airliner.

The jet, loaded with tons of aviation fuel, impacted into the New Chester Road and all of the screams people reported in the terrifying premonition ended abruptly in the ensuing inferno.

The cars that were not turned to molten metal and plastic were tossed for hundreds of yards as if they were toys. Most of the dreamers who saw this horrific disaster woke up at this point, but some people reported being paralysed with fear and unable to wake up, and they saw the blazing jet carve a path of death and destruction that stretched from Allport Road to Acre Lane.

A mushroom cloud of thick smoke was seen to rise high over Bromborough like the ominous aftermath of a nuclear explosion. When I traced the reported trajectory of the ‘dream plane’ it seemed to have come directly from John Lennon Airport.

No one reported any insignia on the plane and the general consensus is that it was white in colour, which rules out the distinctive orange and white EasyJet livery. Whether the plane developed engine trouble or whether it was perhaps a terrorist’s bomb that caused the crash, I do not know.

I hope and pray this incident – if it is some premonition of a future disaster – will never take place. Mainstream psychiatry deems premonitions as delusions, but unlike physics and the other branches on the ever-growing tree of human knowledge, psychology has made very little progress since the German scholastic philosopher Rudolf Göckel first coined the word “psychology” back in 1590.

The human mind is as unexplored now as the world was back in the Bronze Age – a Stephen Hawking for Psychology has not yet appeared.

The calculus of premonitions is difficult to explain in our workaday existence, but quantum physics and string theory posit that there are many higher dimensions beyond the normal physical ones we move about in, and information from future events could be passing through our brains via undiscovered subatomic particles as you read these words.

The Hebrew prophets, Greeks, Egyptians and other races were obsessed with looking into the future, and it would seem some people, perhaps in the dreaming state, or even when wide awake, can sometimes perceive events before they arrive.

In 2002 a woman in Rock Ferry told me she had experienced six recurring dreams of people in the streets walking about in masks. Were these gas masks, I wondered; ‘No,’ the woman told me, ‘they looked like the type of small mask covering the nose and mouth which a surgeon might wear during an operation.’

This now leads me to consider the possibility that the Rock Ferry woman might have foreseen the Covid19 Pandemic.

Perhaps if someone set up an online Premonitions Bureau that collected all of these premonitions, we could somehow try and prevent them happening; it’d be a type of early warning system. We humans are slow to learn though; the Titanic had to sink before people realised it would be wise to have enough lifeboats on board a ship, an international ice patrol and a 24-hour onboard radio system…

Author: Tom Slemen, who is a Liverpool writer, known foremostly as the author of the best-selling Haunted Liverpool series of books which document paranormal incidents and unsolved or unusual crimes. Check his Books on Amazon here.

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