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We Can Change Our DNA By The Power Of Belief

DNAThere’s quite a bit of talk these days about upcoming spiritual changes, not just for our souls, but also for our bodies. The big focus is our DNA. Scientists and spiritualists alike are taking about “junk DNA” and DNA activation. These thoughts obviously lead to questions. Is our DNA mutating? Can we change our DNA?

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The DNA Discovery

Watson and Crick made DNA a household name after winning the Nobel Prize for physiology back in 1962. They discovered the double helix that we are familiar with today.

Since their pioneering work, scientists have tried to unlock the mystery of genetics. What many found was DNA that had no specific coding. Not truly knowing or understanding its function, it was deemed pretty much useless or “junk.”

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But like all things, the more you study, the more you discover. Science is beginning to see that maybe there is more to DNA than meets the eye. Not only is the junk DNA not so junky, it is actually undergoing changes.

Is Our DNA Mutating?

Scientists are now starting to believe that our junk DNA might be useful. In addition, they are also witnessing changes in some people’s DNA. The New Age community often speaks of going from two DNA strands to twelve as we progress. Could science actually be witnessing it?

Geneticists have already found a child with three strands of DNA. Little Alfie Camp from England stunned doctors when they discovered he was born with an extra strand. Although the mutation has caused him physical challenges, it leaves one to wonder if indeed our DNA is mutating. It would appear so, but only time will tell for sure.

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Can We Change Our DNA?

What about changing our individual DNA? Can we influence how it develops? Yes! Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., says that one’s genetics and DNA can be influenced by the power of belief. One’s thoughts, feelings, and intentions change literally change DNA function.

Spiritually this makes sense. We know that our thoughts and attitudes create vibrations that affect everything within us and around us. Why wouldn’t they impact our DNA? In fact, researchers at the Institute of Heart Math have conducted experiments where positive intentions were able to alter the behavior of DNA.

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It appears we, as a species, are embarking on a fantastic new genetic journey!

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