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Watch: Strange UFO over South Carolina released pulsing red orbs

This footage was filmed by a former U.S. Air Force veteran on January 6 in Orangeburg, South Carolina.

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The video was sent to the ufologist Scott Warring and this is what he himself commented on: “This raw footage was just reported today and its mind-blowing! I have to say such close up footage has not been seen in a very long time. I went over the footage many times, but could not find any indication of it being a fake.”

“The city of Orangeburg has a small population of only 12,000 people and with covid and the late night hours it’s highly unlikely that anyone else saw this craft that night. Absolute proof that alien craft do fly right over our homes when we are all sleeping.”

In the video we can see how the mysterious craft pulsing multicolored lights came from the tree line. After a few seconds, two orbs came out and began to blink red.

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The author of the video writes: “It was like they were trying to memos a large aircraft; however, I worked on C-17s in the Air Force and know that this no aircraft. These crafts were moving slow towards the neighbors and disappeared in the trees.

“I went to the backyard and observed them descend down into the back woods behind the house (swamp land). You can see the red orbs change from vertical to horizontal close to the end of the video.”

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