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Watch: Security guard at a haunted crematorium is frightened by spirits

A security guard working at a crematorium in 2019 had a terrifying encounter with what he believed were paranormal entities. He recorded his experience and shared it on TikTok, where it went viral.

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The video shows him hearing screams, voices, and noises as he walks around the graveyard and the chapel. He also sees a mysterious figure outside that looks like a child. He says that this is why his previous colleague quit the job.

The crematorium, whose location is unknown, seems to be haunted by restless spirits that manifest themselves at night. The guard was visibly shaken by the events and decided to leave the place. He said that he was not sure what was going on there and that it was some spooky stuff.

“I’m really not sure what is going on here,” the frightened man adds.

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The guard then walks into the chapel before hearing an echoing scream.

“Nope,” he adds. “I’m f*****g done. This is some spooky f*****g sh*t going on here. Nope.”

“This is why my security officer f*****g quit.

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The video has attracted a lot of attention and comments from viewers who were either impressed or skeptical by the footage.

Some suggested that the guard should cleanse the space or seek professional help to get rid of the ghosts.

Others questioned the authenticity of the video and wondered if it was staged or edited. The guard has not revealed his identity or any further details about the incident.

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