Was Jesus An Alien?

Jesus alien, UFOJesus’ alien heritage came to light as the result of joint U.S. and Israeli archaeological digs over many years. The purpose of the digs was to locate and recover holy relics that had been lost over time. The search was extensive, starting in Israel and moving through Western Europe. The long search, which had unearthed nothing up to that point, ended in Scotland, with the greatest archaeological find in history.

The discovery is believed to have been made near Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. What archaeologists found was the Cross of Calvary. The very cross on which Jesus had been crucified. Once the amazing find was made, they were able to trace the journey of the cross from Israel to the Scottish location where it was ultimately found. What came next was an even greater discovery than the cross itself, DNA.

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While only trace amounts of blood could be recovered, it was enough for DNA analysis and the results were stunning. Unlike the Double Helix DNA of modern humans, Homo Sapiens, the DNA recovered from the cross was Triple Helix. It was the DNA of an entirely different and unknown species, which scientists named Homo Superioris.

Rosslyn Chapel
Rosslyn Chapel

Further investigation revealed that Jesus was far from the only member of Homo Superioris. In fact they were here long before modern humans and they remain with us, actually below us, to this day. The new species lives deep under the Earth’s surface. Jesus appears to have been to only one to have come to the surface and mingle among humans and preach his message of peace.

Homo Superioris have many paranormal abilities not possessed by humans. Telekinesis, levitation, telepathy, healing, etc. They are also very difficult to kill,and when no one was looking, presumably during the freak storm and earthquake recorded in the Bible, Jesus got down off the cross and disappeared, only to reappear later to his disciples.

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  1. Knowledge is key proof is something different

  2. Not so long ago I’d have thought the theory far-fetched to say the least-but now having immersed myself in UFO research I really do think it makes sense. Even the ‘Star’ of Bethlehem now has significance. In ancient times flying craft wouldn’t have been understood or recognised but events in the heavens come up repeatedly in the bible (fiery ‘chariots’ etc) and how else could you ‘follow’ a star unless it was actually moving? It was most probably a UFO. The clues are all there if you watch all the documentaries featuring former members of NASA, Nuclear Physicists, ex-military etc etc who have been party to UFO research. My mind has now been opened and there’s no going back. I now believe that Angels too may well have been ET visitations. There’s so much more to this.

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