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Want to See More Ghosts? These Foods May Enhance Your Psychic Abilities

ghost spiritWhile studies show that activities like meditation can change our brain-wave activity, it’s no secret that something within us changes spiritually as well. However, getting more in touch with our spiritual side doesn’t have to solely come from physical activity.

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If you want to enhance your psychic abilities – whether it be to connect with the other side, experience paranormal happenings, or get more in touch with spirituality in general, there are plenty of foods that can help.

How it works

Becoming more psychic through the foods that you eat sounds like a difficult concept – though it’s actually quite simple. Like everything in life, food is said to have a different energy, both good and bad.

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When you consume foods and nutrients with high energy and other added natural benefits, it can bring your own good qualities out and allow you to get more in touch with your natural abilities, which can be perfect for those days that you want to see ghosts or hold a seance.

In essence, eating the right foods can enhance and supplement the psychic abilities you already have – making your diet very important during those times when you’re looking to get the most from your abilities.

Fresh and organic

The best foods to eat when you want to harness your natural and psychic abilities must also be natural – meaning that fresh and organic fruits and veggies are the way to go.

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A fresh and organic diet can make you more sensitive to the spirit world, making it easier to communicate with ghosts due to how easy your body can break down the food (thus allowing you to reap the energy from the food and focus it on the spirit world). Many foods are already naturally high in energy, like pineapple – and this energy can translate to your body when eaten.

Similarly, coconut water is also easily digestible and full of vitamins and nutrients (like potassium) that can bring high energy to your body and translate into a positive aura – and the same thing goes for smoothies made with other fresh fruit.

Integrating any of these foods into your diet and making it as plant-based as possible is often said to be one of the key factors in enhancing psychic abilities – though herbs can make a great supplement as well.

Herbs that can help

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The practice of using herbs for their healing and other abilities has been around for thousands of years. And, when it comes to enhancing your psychic abilities, there are a few that can do the trick.

It’s possible that herbs that are said to reduce anxiety and promote calmness can have the same effect as meditation on the body, meaning that it can rid stress and leave you with a clearer mind – perfect for focusing on channeling your psychic abilities.

Bacopa Monnieri is an herb that is said to help reduce anxiety as well as promote memory, and other herbs such as chamomile, that can be found in tea form – the smell of lavender can also help to put you in a relaxed state of mind. These can be great when you’re trying to communicate with the other side, as having a calm aura can attract ghosts and other paranormal activity.

What to avoid

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As with any diet, there are some things to avoid when you’re looking to bolster your psychic abilities – meat being one of them. Since meat comes from a once-living animal, it’s hard to tell what energy it had carried with it throughout its life (and what energy might still be lingering in the meat).

The same goes for animal by-products, like eggs and milk. These can all be replaced with other protein sources for the time being, such as nuts and beans – however, if you do find meat (and by-products) to be unavoidable, choosing cuts of meat, eggs, and milk from a trusted source (cage-free eggs, no animal abuse) is a great way to go.

It’s worth mentioning that other foods should be avoided as well, such as foods high in sugar, anything processed, and artificial flavoring – all of which can hinder the good and natural energy you’re looking for and can deflect the paranormal.

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Heightening your psychic abilities to experience more paranormal happenings and see more ghosts may sound difficult, but in actuality, there are many easy ways to do so on your own. By ensuring you have fresh and organic foods in your diet, you’re sure to enhance your natural abilities in no time at all.

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