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Want To Guess Someone’s Sun Sign? Ask These Questions

Astrology signMany people find astrology fascinating. When you know someone’s Sun sign it can help you understand them better. But what if you don’t know their sign—can you guess?

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By observing the person and behavior you may be able to figure it out, however keep in mind that our rising signs rather than our Sun signs often color our outward personas. That being said, keep these questions in mind when you guess and see how well you do.


Is this the type of person that shoots first and asks questions later? Is he or she outspoken, bold and a go-getter? Does this person seem to be constantly on the go? Are outdoor activities important? Are they competitive, a leader, courageous?

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Does this person like the finer things in life, especially creature comforts? Do you get the impression that this person is practical, tenacious and even stubborn? Does he or she have a down to earth personality? What about a distinctive or lovely voice?


Is this person a social butterfly? Would you describe him or her as witty, talkative and flirtatious? Are they constantly multitasking and communicating? Can you see this person on the phone, texting and Tweeting all at the same time?

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Does this person come across as moody? Does he or she talk about home and family a lot? What about food and cooking—do they enjoy it? Do you get a nurturing or welcoming feeling from this person? Also notice bodily features. Look for a soft round face, well-formed chest or bust.


Do you find this person to be ambitious? Does he or she like to be the center of attention? Are you dealing with a diva or a rock star type? Is this person also gregarious? Do you notice a great head of hair on this person? What about bold jewelry, bright colors or designer labels?

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Does perfectionist come to mind when describing this person? Is he or she neat, orderly and organized? What about intelligent, practical and detail oriented? Does he or she have a keen interest in health, fitness, nutrition and natural foods?


Do the words gracious, well-mannered and attractive describe this person? Would you consider them to be diplomatic, a peacemaker and a good judge of things? Are social events important? Does he or she appreciate beauty, whether it is in art, flowers, architecture, clothing or food?

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Do you notice penetrating eyes or an air of smoldering sexuality? Do you get the feeling that they’re hiding something under a calm, cool exterior? Does he or she like mysteries, spy thrillers, or CSI type of shows? Are knowledge, investigation and self-mastery important?


Is this person charismatic and optimistic? Does he or she like to travel? Do you find this person entertaining with a wealth of knowledge and a philosophical bent? What about open-minded and freedom loving? Do they have a fondness for animals, especially horses?

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Do hard-working and responsible come to mind right away? Is this person the type to climb the corporate ladder? Does he or she respect and value authority and discipline? Even though this person may seem serious, do you notice a dry sense or humor or intelligent wit?


Does eccentric or “absent-minded professor “ describe this person? Is he or she into technology and gadgets, but also a humanitarian? Do you find this person to be opinionated, head strong or even rebellious? Would you consider them unique, fascinating and one of a kind?

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Is this person sensitive and somewhat shy? Do you notice his or her eyes right away? Does this person mention a love or talent for art, music, dance or some other creative activity? Are they caring, good listeners and like to root for the underdog?

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