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Want to Get Back Together with Your Ex? Let Astrology Help You

Love astrologyThinking about getting back together with your ex or rekindling an old flame? Could you use a little assistance? While positive thinking is always a good idea, why not let the stars lend you a hand? Here’s how astrology can help you.

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Reunite with Retrogrades

Who says retrogrades are all bad? These astrological transits are perfect if you want to reunite with a former love. Mercury and Venus retrogrades work very well for this purpose.

Mercury is the planet of communications. Even though Mercury retrograde is known for messing up conversations and verbal skills, you can actually use it to your advantage when trying to get back together with an ex. The backwards motion of this planet allows us time to reconsider things and reunite with people.

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If you choose your words carefully when talking to your sex—emphasizing the good things about your former relationship—reconciliation and reconnection is quite possible. Mercury retrogrades an average of three times a year, so you’ll have plenty of chances.

Venus retrograde is another favorable time to rekindle your former romance. Although many astrologers advise against romantic initiations during this transit, it’s the perfect time for old relationships to return. This is a more emotionally romantic period, compared to Mercury retrograde.

So you and your ex will probably be spending more time talking between the sheets than anywhere else. That can be wonderfully lusty, but make sure you also spend some time engaged in real honest conversation in order to make the relationship work. Venus retrogrades approximately every 18 months, so you’ll have to wait longer for this planet’s help.

Meet Again Using the Moon

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You can also work with the lunar cycle to reconcile with your ex. When a new moon approaches, set the intention of meeting again with your old flame. Focus on this goal throughout the weeks, taking small steps to make your move by the full moon.

By the time that full moon arrives, hopefully you’ll be on a romantic date with your old flame; reminiscing and talking about having another go at a relationship. Try working with a full moon in the same sign as the time you first met, or an earth or water sign for stability and emotional connection.

Hopefully the stars will lead you to love once more!

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