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Want to Attract Love, Money? Try Using the Law of Subtraction Instead

Looking to attract more love, money or other goodies into your life? If so, you’re probably familiar with the Law of Attraction, you know—like attracts like—but you many want to consider using the Law of Subtraction first.

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What’s the Law of Subtraction?

When it comes to the Law of Attraction, you try to bring about your desires by focusing on them and creating similar vibrations. You could assume that the Law of Subtraction means to take something away, and you’d be right. But you’re not taking away your thoughts, dreams and desires; you’ll be removing something else.

Essentially you will subtract your negative thoughts, doubts, anger and resentments. These things get in the way of your manifestations. They act as barriers, so even if you’re engaging in positive thoughts and vibes, any lower vibrations lurking around in your mind lessen their power.

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If you are able to weed out those thoughts and attitudes that create negative vibes, that obviously leaves more room for your positive, attractive vibrations to grow. It’s much like weeding a garden. Subtract the weeds so you can add room for flowers to bloom!

Less Is More

Along with the Law of Subtraction comes the idea of “less is more.” Another good way to bring more love, money and blessings into your life is to embrace simplicity. View life as a cup. If your cup is already full of things you don’t want or no longer need, it’s difficult to add more to it.

After all, you can’t fill an already full cup of tea with more tea, otherwise it will spill over—and you’ll waste that precious beverage. Of course you’d love your cup to run over with love and riches, but it’s hard to appreciate them when you’re surrounded by lots of other “stuff.”

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Keep life simple, both literally and figuratively. Once again, do some subtraction. Dump excess material goods and things you no longer use. Take what you need and leave the rest. The same goes for your manifestations and focus.

There’s no need for constant elaborate rituals and obsession over goals. Simply state your wishes and desires, then let go. Then allow the Universe to add more to your cup. Remember, subtract so that more can be added!

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