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Walk-Ins: What Happens When Souls Swap Places?

Soul swapFor the majority of us, we incarnate and remain in our chosen bodies until death. But in certain cases, the spiritual realm can throw a curve ball and change the general order of things. In some cases individual souls can trade places. The official term is soul transference but we generally refer to this experience as a walk-in. What goes on exactly when souls swap places?

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The Walk-In Experience

The walk-in experience is not to be taken lightly. The idea of a soul just coming in and taking over is not what it’s about. There are careful spiritual considerations and permission is always required. This is not an instance of possession where a spirit attempts to hijack the body.

Nor is it channeling where a spirit enters a body for a brief period to deliver a message. Walk-ins are allowed to take over a body when a soul arbitrarily leaves or agrees to vacate. Approval must be granted for a walk-in to occur.

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An agreement is made before souls can walk-in. Sometimes an arrangement is even made before a person incarnates. Two souls can make a pact that says at a particular time one will vacate the body so that the other can take over. It almost sounds like signing a lease or renting an apartment.

Why would such an experience occur? In most cases when a being incarnates in to a body on this physical plane, he or she inhabits the vehicle until death occurs. We all come to this planet to learn, experience and fulfill certain contracts. Once the soul as accomplished its mission, the choices are to remain in the body and work on a new project, die, or walk out and vacate the body. If the being chooses to walk out, then an agreement is made with another soul to walk-in.

How a Walk-In Happens

Walk-in experiences are as unique as the individual souls involved. Although in every case an agreement is made before the actual transference takes place.

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Generally before the walk-in takes place there is a preparation period. This period can be a few weeks or months before the event. The walk-in soul will hang around the existing being for a period of time. The idea is for the new soul to get used to the vibrations of the body it is about to inhabit. Sometimes walk-in souls haven’t incarnated for quite some time and need this period to adapt to the denser vibrations of matter.

Meanwhile, the vacating soul might feel a presence hanging around them or a change in energy. They may notice a change in personality. Perhaps they become fatigued or depressed. They may also feel a sense of relief and completion. Regardless, on some level they understand that their journey is at an end.

When the moment of transference occurs, the old soul will leave for the spiritual realm and the new soul will meld its essence into the new embodiment. Most often this event occurs while the body is asleep or in meditation, but it can also occur during an accident, illnesses or emotional trauma. In some cases both parties are fully conscious during the process.

The New Life Phase

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After the walk-in episode, each soul has the opportunity to embark on a new life phase. The exiting soul moves on and dwells in the spiritual realm while the walk-in adapts to life in a body. This can be extremely challenging on many levels.

Aside from learning to exist in the physical, the soul also needs to come to terms with the life of the previous inhabitant. Compared to the walk-out the walk-in will most likely exhibit a completely different personality. Likes, dislikes and behavior patterns will be different.

Overall the new soul will adapt to its surroundings and environment, often with a sense of emotional detachment. This being is here to learn and possibly complete some karma. Whatever it is, this soul is on a mission and eager to fulfill it. The walk-in experience can help both souls accomplish their tasks.

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