Visual Confirmation of the Space Zoo Hypothesis

Looking into the night skies, we reflect philosophically on our lonely existence in this vast expanse of cold space. We still do not know if there is life inside this shimmering abyss of worlds.

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What if our universe is empty and dead? Why haven’t we detected alien radio signals yet? Is it possible that in the depths of this vast universe there are no other intelligent civilizations? Maybe extraterrestrial creatures hide their presence and secretly watch over us?

The famous American radio astronomer John Ball found the answers to these questions.

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In 1973, he created the space zoo hypothesis, in which he proposed that extraterrestrial civilizations are always close to us, but behave as if they do not exist. They follow the life of earthlings, because our planet is the place of their research experiment.

In the distant past, a highly developed civilization of alien humanoids brought millions of species of biological creatures to Earth. Here these creatures fight for survival and undergo rapid evolutionary development.

Our planet is like a space zoo, inside which animals from several neighboring galaxies live. Existence within a single biosphere has taught these dissimilar creatures to adapt to an unfamiliar habitat and live in symbiosis with each other, maintaining the delicate balance of the earth’s ecosystem.

Earth is a fantastic reserve in which the most bizarre forms of life evolve. In the extreme conditions of their world, the tiny insects of our planet were huge and powerful monsters, and the most massive terrestrial animals were no larger than a forest mouse.

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Earth is far from the only scientific reserve of an alien civilization. There are hundreds of such planets inhabited by diverse biological species of cosmic life.

Having filled the planetary zoo with a variety of animals, invisible humanoids examine their behavior without interfering with the events of their lives. They have unlimited psychic abilities, thanks to which they monitor not only the physical, but also the mental state of their wards.

With the help of this skill, representatives of an alien civilization are constantly looking after us, staying both in distant outer space and on the surface of our planet.

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There are millions of alien scientists living on Earth, but their presence eludes our minds. We see them every hour, but we don’t realize it. Being in our field of vision, they remain invisible to us.

Flying vehicles and dwellings of aliens are also hidden from the consciousness of all the inhabitants of the Earth. Perhaps the mind of earthlings is too primitive for the perception of super-developed beings from distant space.

However, sometimes our mind stops deceiving us and shows us the true reality of what is happening. We notice strange flying devices with fantastical outlines that cannot be compared with the external appearance of the air transport we create.

Many paranormal researchers believe that this phenomenon is a clear confirmation of the space zoo hypothesis.

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Perhaps, alien civilizations deliberately violate the main principles of their secret activities, hinting to us about their existence?

It is unlikely that we will solve this riddle before the moment when our fellow minds consider us worthy of knowing this hidden truth.

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