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Virtual Haunted Campfires: Nights with the Best Ghost Storytellers in the World

Four Nights with the Best Ghost Storytellers in the World! Grab a Hot Chocolate, Cozy Up with a Warm Blanket and Get Ready for Some Halloween Chills at Home.

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This series of online events will feature top storytellers, haunted tour guides and ghost researchers from around the world as we share some of our favourite ghost stories and terrifying tales around a virtual campfire. Join in the fun with these interactive, spooky and fun storytelling events this Halloween Season!

The campfires will be hosted on Zoom (no account necessary). You will receive instructions to join by email after you purchase.

Interested but can’t watch live? No problem! All ticket holders get access to the recordings for you to enjoy on your own schedule – or after the little ones have gone to bed.

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Attendance to each event is $10.00 per Family and helps to support talented creators and haunted entertainers from around the world. This event is family friendly, but best for ages 12+ due to spooky content. For online conference booking and more info, please visit

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