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Virgin Mary statue in Mexico weeps tears of blood

A small family-owned church in Morelia, Michoacan has become the center of widespread attention after reports emerged of a statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe weeping what appears to be blood.

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The statue represents one of the most revered figures, Our Lady of Guadalupe, known for her apparitions dating back to the 1500s.

The Archdiocese of Morelia has urged prudence and a measured approach to the claims of the supernatural. In a recent statement, church officials announced the commencement of a thorough investigation to ascertain the nature of the phenomenon.

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Emphasizing the importance of a meticulous and comprehensive analysis, the Archdiocese has refrained from making premature conclusions about the veracity of the miracle.

“It is necessary to highlight the need for caution when approaching an issue as delicate as that of an alleged miracle,” the Archdiocese of Morelia said in a statement.

“[We are] taking the necessary measures to investigate the situation in a deep and exhaustive manner. Therefore, it is too early to issue a definitive position on the matter.”

“It will be the ecclesiastical hierarchy itself that confirms the team that will carry out the detailed study of the case, so, as soon as there is any relevant report or conclusion, it will be made public knowledge.”

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The ecclesiastical authorities have confirmed that a specialized team will be appointed to conduct an in-depth study of the case. The findings of this investigation will be disclosed to the public once a conclusive report is available.

As the inquiry progresses, the church has become a place of pilgrimage. “I felt a sensation that I haven’t felt before, like a joy but also a real sadness because she is telling us, what will happen only she knows, it is a miracle and hopefully it is a miracle that is good for everyone,” one of the locals was quoted as saying.

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