Video: Strange UFO Nearly Collides with Commercial Jet in 2022

Strange objects in the sky have been reported by pilots since the dawn of aviation. Every year, pilots from different parts of the world witness unexplained phenomena flying near their aircrafts during flights.

Some of these incidents are so close that pilots have to avoid collisions. Some of them leave a lasting impression on the pilots.

One such pilot is Julious Figueroa, who works as a skydive pilot in Virginia. He had a close encounter with a mysterious object while flying a plane with skydivers on board in July of 2022, reports

This is the described object seen by Figueroa during his flight.(Julious Figueroa (From Burst))

Figueroa has always been passionate about flying since he was a kid. He joined the Navy for two years to gain more flight experience and improve his skills. After leaving the Navy, he moved to the Midwest and became a skydive pilot. On July 10, 2022, he saw something that he would never forget.

“We were climbing to 10,000 feet, and at around 4,300 feet I was looking into the distance and this thing caught my eye.” Figueroa said. “It started getting closer and it was approaching me about 15 feet to my left heading north.”

Something interesting he reported was that you couldn’t see the object when you looked at it directly. Other pilots have reported the same thing during their encounters.

He said the object was the size of a small car, and without realizing it, he started turning his plane to the left. As the object passed by, Figueroa let out a yell, which caused the people in the back of the plane to look out the window.

“Three of them see it, including one of the instructors.” Figueroa said. “By the time I turned the plane, it was already on the horizon.”

Shortly after, the object was gone.

Figueroa contacted Air Traffic Control and asked if they had seen a drone on radar, to which they said they didn’t. He called again and described the object he saw and asked if they had seen it.

“There was a long pause on the other end, and then they said they didn’t see it.” Figueroa said.

Figueroa’s story sounds very similar to other stories from all over the world, and he says he always keeps his head on a swivel during flights to see if it happens again. As more investigations are launched into UFO’s and UAP’s, more sightings could pop up from anywhere and everywhere.


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