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Video captured how two UFO spheres disappeared into thin air

In February 2024, Jack Atkinson, a 24-year-old resident of Blackpool, England, observed two spherical objects with a metallic sheen traversing the sky from his parents’ house. Acting quickly, he grabbed his phone and began recording the unusual sight.

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However, his observation was brief, lasting only about a minute and a half, as both spheres abruptly vanished from view against the backdrop of the cloudless blue sky.

The recorded footage reveals no discernible “portals” through which the spheres could have exited, only a peculiar flickering just before their disappearance.

It leaves one to speculate whether they employed some form of cloaking technology or accelerated away at such high speeds that the camera failed to capture their departure.

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“I watched them for about a minute and a half and then they just disappeared. It was so weird. I don’t really know what it was, but they looked like two metal objects that were spinning. It was kind of crazy,” remarked Jack.

These two objects bear a striking resemblance to other reported sightings of metallic UFO spheres, a phenomenon increasingly documented worldwide in recent years.

The US Pentagon has released video of an orb-shaped UFO flying over Iraq.

Notably, one such occurrence was recorded by the US military in the Middle East.

Some ufologists consider small UFO spheres to be alien drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) – scouts.

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