Verbal bullying negatively affects brain structure, study shows

Verbal bullying leads to a loss of balance between body and mind.

Pain can be inflicted not only with fists, but also with words. The so-called “verbal violence” can cause tangible harm. Scientists have proven that insults from parents or management cause serious physical changes in the structure of the brain, provoke emotional, psychological deviations.

Our brains are significantly influenced by events that happened in childhood. The development of cognitive abilities, personal consciousness takes many years, and the grievances woven into them introduce failures in the algorithm.

“A negative, hostile environment negatively affects brain development. Sexual, physical abuse at an early age causes abnormal brain transformations. Moreover, even the witnesses of such scenes are negatively affected, they develop various psychological disorders, ”says Dr. Douglas Fields.

American scientists conducted a study in which they scanned the brains of young people aged 18-25 years. These people were physically, sexually or abused by their parents.

The results showed that people who suffered from verbal abuse from peers as children, had underdeveloped connections between the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

At the same time, it turned out that it was the insults from classmates that had the greatest impact. Research has shown that “verbal abuse” during adolescence is associated with serious rejection later on. For example, anxiety, depression, anger, hostility, dissociation.

Another important conclusion that scientists have come to is evidence of the detrimental effect of narcissists on others. Such people strive for total control, and emotional, sensual, vulnerable people fall under the influence.

Verbal exposure to narcissists wreaks havoc on the brains of their victims, and age doesn’t matter. This is a long-term impact, the consequences of which are very difficult to reverse.

Manipulators kill the self-esteem of their victims, resulting in a loss of balance between body and mind. This is the main cause of anxiety disorders.

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