Vanga’s prediction of a nuclear catastrophe in 2023

Nuclear catastrophe, melting glaciers and children grown in laboratories – all these are the predictions of the Bulgarian clairvoyant and soothsayer Vanga, who were recently published in the

An article published on the NYP website titled “Blind Mystic Baba Wanga Makes a Terrifying Prediction of a Nuclear Catastrophe in 2023” caught the attention of many readers. According to the material, Vanga’s followers claim that she allegedly predicted a nuclear catastrophe that would destroy the Earth by the end of 2023.

Terrible atomic explosions, accompanied by toxic clouds, will have negative consequences not only for Asia, but also for other countries that will be exposed to serious diseases.

In addition, Vanga also predicted other events that she says will take place in 2023. The NYP edition mentions destructive orbital changes that will lead to the melting of glaciers, as well as a powerful solar storm.

But the most unusual prediction is “the end of natural pregnancy,” where all children will be grown in laboratories and parents will be able to choose the appearance and characteristics of their future children.

The blind woman, born in 1911 in the town of Strumica in present-day North Macedonia, became famous during World War II. Her house in the Bulgarian village of Rupite received many visitors who were looking for help and guidance in their life problems.

Experienced experts and scientists spoke out about Vanga’s predictions, noting that some of them contradict each other, while others can be interpreted in different ways.

Vanga’s prophecies that came true

The list of Baba Vanga’s global predictions that came true has passed multiple checks by scientists and turned out to be amazingly accurate.

She foresaw the start date of World War II and the German invasion of Yugoslavia. Accurately guessed the death of the Bulgarian Tsar Boris III and predicted the end of Stalin’s life long before his death.

She knew about the entry of Soviet troops into Prague in 1968 and predicted the victory of Indira Gandhi in early elections. Her predictions about Chernobyl, perestroika and Gorbachev’s departure also turned out to be correct, and the collapse of the USSR occurred at the time indicated by her.

However, Vanga’s most amazing prophecy is her statement about the future contact of a person with intelligent beings from other worlds.

She assured that in 200 years such contacts would become a reality. She also noted that aliens from other worlds have been living on Earth for a long time. But where do they come from? According to Vanga, they come from a planet called Vamphim, which is in third place from Earth in the cosmic hierarchy.

Whether we believe in clairvoyance or are skeptical, her predictions leave us with food for thought about the future and our role in the universe.

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