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Vampire woman detained in Kenya: tried to drink blood from the victims

In Kenya, a woman was detained after stabbing three men and then sucking their blood, local police said.

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A woman named Margaret Wambui Wangari armed with a kitchen knife had an argument with a man believed to be her boyfriend. Then two other men tried to drag the suspect with a knife away. Everything happened in West Kahava.

Wangari stabbed three men and sucked their blood from open stab wounds. Kenya’s Criminal Investigation Office said the woman stabbed the victims several times.

“Passers-by told how she drank the blood of victims from their open wounds,” the department explained. Local police rescued Wangari from angry local residents who wanted to kill the woman by throwing stones at her.

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Because of Wangari, one of the victims died, and two others were injured. The victims were taken to Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi, fortunately their wounds were not serious. Two victims sustained chest and neck injuries.

Authorities said Wangari is currently in custody while they are investigating her strange behavior.

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