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Spiritual gift

Using Your Spiritual Gifts To Find Career Opportunities

Spiritual giftWe think of gifted people as special; they have some ability that puts them high above the rest of us. The truth is, everyone is gifted in some way, although not all of us get recognition for it. Some people never even bother to learn what their spiritual gifts are, and sadly they waste them. It’s a shame, because embracing your spiritual gifts can open doors for you that you probably never dreamed were there.

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What are spiritual gifts?

Religions tell us that spiritual gifts are gifts given to us by a Higher Power to benefit the common good. Even if you don’t believe in a God, you can’t deny that nature has imbued each of us with innate talents that can be used not only to serve ourselves, but our families and communities.

These gifts do not themselves have to be religious or spiritual in nature, though for some people they are. Psychics, for example, have the ability to give insights and aid healing. Ministers may be able to help other people to find hope.

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For other people, their spiritual gift may lie in their intelligence; they may become our doctors, lawyers, or scientists who make breakthroughs that improve our lives. For still others, it may be creativity: musicians, poets, painters and other people who infuse our world with beauty and truth through art.

A person’s spiritual gift may be a little more mundane— perhaps you’re good at computers, auto mechanics, cleaning, gardening, organizing, figuring things out or making people feel at ease. Don’t think of these things as trivial; they can truly make a difference in many lives.

How do I discover my spiritual gifts?

Most of the time, our spiritual gifts are quite evident—it’s the things we’re good at, and we’re usually drawn to things involving those skills. This is our calling; the things we’re meant to do in life, the way we can best contribute to the world.

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You don’t have to be a child prodigy to have spiritual gifts. You don’t have to break records or win gold medals for something to be a gift. Don’t assume gifts come without effort. Being gifted doesn’t mean you won’t need to work on it.

Make a list of your strengths and examine the qualities from which they stem. If you yourself can’t think of anything, ask loved ones what they would put on the list for you. Sometimes others can spot your gifts in you more readily than you can in yourself.

How to use spiritual gifts for career opportunities?

Once you discover your spiritual gift, look into the jobs and careers in which they will be an asset. Perhaps your spiritual gift is being able to remain patient and kind. You might find yourself suited to be a teacher, a nurses aid or to work in public relations.

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Perhaps your gift is being clever with words—you might consider a career in advertising, as a writer or as someone who makes word puzzles. If your gifts are in athletics, consider being a coach or physical fitness trainer.

You may need to hone your skills or develop your education to truly prepare yourself for using your gifts in a career. Since these gifts come natural to you, the path may not hold as much resistance as you might fear.

Is it selfish to make money from your spiritual gifts?

The universe is a give and take. You can’t be very useful to others if you, yourself, are miserable and living in sore need. People who have transformed the world have done so by using their spiritual gifts in their career. You need money to survive and thrive, and other people need your gifts.

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Developing a career based on your gifts gives you the opportunity to work and improve those gifts and share them with a wider circle. When you are successful in life, you’re able to use your gifts to contribute more— don’t feel guilty about that.

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