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Candle magic

Using Candle Magic to Bring Back Something that was Lost

Candle magicWhen an item is lost, and you’re at a loss for what to do, it may be the most potent course of action that you have. Candle magic is a simple but powerful form of spell work that utilizes candle flames as conduits to focus your energy and will, helping you attain that which you desire. Try this 7 day candle spell to see if it helps you retrieve the item you’ve been looking for.

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Candle Spell Components

You’ll need to perform this spell over a seven day period, and the items must remain undisturbed during that time. Clear off a safe place where you can burn them such as a desk, table, or dresser top.

You’ll need a white pillar candle to represent yourself. You’ll need another pillar candle.

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Brown is usually the color of choice for lost objects because brown represents physical possessions, however if your lost item is associated with another color feel free to use that color. For example, if you lost a savings bond, and you associate it with gold or green for wealth, by all means make your second candle gold or green.

Candles should not be molded into a container. It’s okay to put the candle in a glass cylindrical holder, however you need to be able to take it out so you can touch the wax on the sides. It is also important to use virgin candles— candles that have been lit before may have competing energy associations that are not conducive to your working.

You’ll need a vial of star anise essential oil. If you can’t get pure essential oil, throw a handful of star anise spices into some barely simmering olive oil and allow the spice to steep for a couple of hours. Strain the oil, place it in a vial and use that.

You’ll also need a service candle (taper, ideally) and a pin. You should begin this spell on the first night of the new moon.

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Dressing the Candles

Take some oil into the palm of your projective (dominant) hand. Hold one of the pillar candles around the very bottom. Envision having your item back.

Rub the hand with oil from wick to base. Grabs the base with that projective hand, bring the other hand up to grab the tip. Rub it down the candle to the base. Grasp the base with the second hand, and bring the first hand up again to repeat the motion. Repeat about 50 to 60 times.

Perform the same dressing on the other candle. If you are at all sensitive to energy, by now you should feel both candles are radiating with power.

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Place the candles in the holders.

Performing the Spell

On the first night of the spell, scratch your name and birth date into the white candle using the pin. Scratch the name of your object into the colored candle. Place the candles about 12 inches apart. Light the service candle only.

Envisioning your intent, chant a power-raising chant, such as:

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I simply refuse
My (object) to lose;
Return now to me,
So mote it be.

Think of your object while chanting to raise energy. Use the service candle to light the white and then the colored candle. Blow out the service candle.

As they burn, close your eyes and visualize a great silver cord coming from your navel, extending through time and space. Envision it reaching your item and lassoing that object securely. Hold this meditation for at least 15 minutes, or as long as you can.

Blow out the candles.

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Perform the same spell nightly, but each night move the candles another inch or two closer. Each night, envision that cord bringing your object closer to you.

By the final night, the two candles should be side by side. Allow them to burn out and bury the wax remnants together in a hole. It is done.

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