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Using Aromatherapy to Bring Peace, Calm and Harmony in Your Life

aromatherapyAromatherapy — the name says it all. It’s the therapeutic use of aromas and scents to help alter mood and overall health. You don’t have to be a professional health care provider to bring some of the benefits of aromatherapy to your own home. There are many safe, effective ways to bring peace, calm and harmony into your life with aromatherapy.

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Ways to Use Scents

There are several ways to infuse your life with scents. One quick and simple way is to burn a little incense— even if it’s just sticks or cones from the grocery store.

A stick of incense is not going to change your life, but the scent that you burn will have an impact on the brains of everyone in the household, altering moods accordingly.
Another way is to put a pot of simmering water on the stove and sprinkle in some herbs, spices, dried flowers or fruit peels.

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Essential oils are an excellent investment for aromatheraputic benefits. While real essential oils are a bit pricey, they are far superior to their chemical fragrant counterparts, enough to be worth the cost. It only takes a few drops in a pot of simmering water, a diffuser or an oil burner.

One convenient, inexpensive diffuser you can get is a ring that sits on a light bulb. Candles or electric heaters are not required—simply drizzle a little bit of oil into the well of the ring and turn on the light. Every time you enter the room and turn on the light, you’ll be treated to an aromatherapy session.

Fragranced lotions for massage, herbal sachets tucked in drawers or potpourri— all things that bring clean, natural scents to your home will make an impact on the atmosphere of the house.

Fragrances for Promoting Peace, Calm and Harmony

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When you need peace of mind, to relax or just calm down, use apple or lavender. Drop some oils in the bath or use natural products infused with the scents. Alternatively, burn some incense.

If you’ve been feeling under the weather and it has you down, try throwing a handful of eucalyptus leaves into some cheesecloth and throwing it in the bath. Soothe yourself further before going to bed. Diffuse some chamomile oil in the bedroom, or a steaming cup of chamomile tea.

When there has been a lot of negativity and you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, burn sage. You can place a handful of dried sage on burning embers in the fireplace, get a smudge stick and burn it in a heat-proof pot or burn sage incense in a censer. The scent of sage is very cleansing, while the smoke will drive away any negative energy that might be lingering.

When someone in the house needs their spirits raised, the scent of lemons or orange blossoms will do the trick. Simmering the peels in a pot of water on the stove during a family gathering or at dinner after a long day will give everyone’s mood a boost as soon as they walk in the door.

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If there has been a lover’s quarrel and you and your partner are having a hard time getting over bad feelings, use the scent of roses or vanilla in the bedroom. A diffuser is perfect for emitting subtle scents, or you can go all out by massaging each other with scented lotions.

Introduce these aromatherapy concepts into your daily life and you’ll find your home a much more pleasant atmosphere. This will be evident not just to you, but to other residents and your guests.

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