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USAF sergeant talks about UFO the size of Walmart and “four beings”

Staff Sergeant Mario Woods recently shared a baffling UFO encounter from 1977 on The Disclosure Team podcast. Woods, who was guarding missile silos at Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota, described an experience that still defies explanation.

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On that night, Woods stood at the control center outside the base when he noticed a massive luminous object in the sky. The object’s size and appearance didn’t match any known aircraft, leaving him puzzled.

Soon after, alarms indicated a perimeter breach. Woods and his colleague Michael Johnson jumped into their vehicle to investigate. As they drove, they saw the object with pulsating orange, red, and white lights, about a mile away.

“You could see this pulsation… these orange, red and white colors,” Woods recalled.

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Upon approaching, they realized it was enormous, comparable in size to a Walmart and as long as an aircraft carrier.

While observing the object, a bright light enveloped the area, and both men felt an unseen force lifting them out of their seats. Then, a drone-like sphere appeared above their vehicle’s hood.

“A ball, about four to five times the size of a beach ball, appeared just a few inches above the hood,” Woods recounted. The object darted around like a ping pong ball before vanishing suddenly.

“This thing shot around like a ping pong ball, as big as it was, for three or four seconds and all of a sudden it flew off, and it was gone.”

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The encounter took a stranger turn when Woods saw four beings—three small and one tall—moving towards him without walking.

“I saw these four beings – three small and one tall – about 20 feet away,” he said. “They weren’t walking, but they were all just moving at the same time, coming toward me.”

Moments later, both the entities and the UFO disappeared, and Woods found that he and Johnson were now parked 10 miles from their original location with no tire tracks indicating their travel.

“The strangest part about that is the vehicle was facing the only direction in which it could leave in, and there were no tyre tracks coming in there,” he recalled.

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To this day, the events of that night remain unexplained. Woods’ account adds to the growing number of military personnel coming forward with their extraordinary UFO experiences, fueling ongoing debates about extraterrestrial life and unidentified aerial phenomena.

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