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David Grusch: US transfers “alien technology” to other countries

US intelligence officer David Grasch has made shocking allegations that the United States possesses alien technology and is clandestinely sharing it with other nations.

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In an interview with the BBC, the controversial intelligence officer admitted that access to the “extraterrestrial” material “does cross into other countries and other governments”, reports

According to him, not only the United States has access to crashed or reconstructed UFOs, but also some technologies can be stored in “British Area 51”, reports the Daily Star.

Before the US Congress, Grasch stated that he spoke with approximately 40 employees of the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office [AARP], who confirmed the presence of alien ships at a secret US government base. He also claims that the US shared these findings with the Five Eyes Alliance, the intelligence agencies of Britain, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

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“The UAP phenomenon is definitely not [only] an American problem,” Grasch emphasizes, blaming the culture of secrecy around UFOs as a post-Manhattan Project legacy.

This top-secret post-World War II research led to the creation of the world’s first nuclear weapon and, he notes, is an example of how governments tend to hide their scientific achievements from the public.

“As you can imagine, it’s a Pandora’s Box for potential military weapons development and reverse-engineering activities, so they decided to keep it under wraps for many years,” he added. This is the nature of the secret finds, according to Grash. Fear of the possible consequences led to a long concealment of information about the presence of alien technology.

For Grasch, the disclosure of this information was an act of duty to the American people and the global community. His lawyer, Charles McCullough, emphasizes that such secrecy has enabled the government to operate without adequate oversight from the US Congress.

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Now all eyes are on the British equivalent of Area 51, the site that emerged as the focal point of UFO research in Britain during the 1950s. It appears that these enigmatic areas continue to captivate the interest of ufologists and other researchers, leaving many pondering what other mysteries our planet may hold and what secrets will eventually be revealed to the public.

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