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Uri Geller shares UFO video and claims aliens are watching us

Uri Geller is a famous illusionist and psychic. He is also a passionate believer in the existence of extraterrestrial life and has shared several videos and stories that he claims are evidence of UFOs and alien encounters.

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One of his most recent videos, posted on Twitter on March 30, 2023, shows a cylindrical object hovering in the sky, which he says is proof that aliens are watching us and preventing us from triggering nuclear bombs.

There is no indication of its size, speed, distance or trajectory.

He captioned the clip: “Astronomers spent decades looking for objects from outside our own solar system.

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“Then two arrived at once. When should we expect the next one? And what can they teach us?”

The illusionist concluded his big reveal saying ‘they’ – referring to the aliens – are ‘watching to make no [bomb emoji] is triggered’.

The video has since divided the internet with many believing that the cylindrical object in question was in fact a real UFO.

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One Instagram user wrote: “Let’s hope they are protecting us and preventing us from destroying ourselves.”

“Anyone who believes we are not alone is foolish,” added a second.

A third theorised: “Maybe they also live here within the earth. It impacts them,” referring to the fallout of bombs.

“These things are obviously terrestrial,” one Twitter user stated, “historically and even in the modern era all evidence points to these things living here amongst us.

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