UFO Plane

Unusual UFO captured on video from an airplane window

UFO PlaneA resident of South Korea claims to have recently captured an unidentified flying object or an entire UFO flotilla that appeared near the airliner on which he flew to Seoul from Thailand.

According to Lucas Kim, at a certain moment he looked out the window and suddenly saw a bright glow near the wing of the plane, which soon split into several clusters of silver spheres. The surprised man reasonably grabbed a mobile phone and captured the anomaly on the video.

Conspiracy theorists believe that representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization were interested in the aircraft at that time, but the aliens did not want to harm the passengers inside it.

The mysterious objects are increasingly found and filmed by passengers of airliners. With what it is connected, no one knows.

Most likely, they are just watching us or even having fun, showing us their superiority in the sky …

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Jake Carter

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