Unlock The Meaning Of Paranormal Experience: Can You Document It?

paranormalA past survey by Pew Research Center revealed that approximately 49 percent of Americans have had a mystical or religious experience in their life. Paranormal activity does not have a set form or definition besides being beyond the boundaries of human experience, and therefore can be as diverse as the people experiencing it.

Whether it is connecting with a loved one that has passed or experiencing an inexplicable out of body feeling, documenting the event can help you in making sense of an experience like this.

Some people are more susceptive to the experience than others, or it may be something that occurs when you are alone. Either way, here are a few suggestions to help you in documenting your experience.

Zoom In On Your Sensations

Your sense of feeling and physical sensations can alert you to details of your experience that you may have missed. In 2015, a sociologist from the University of California suggested that our minds attempt to create an explainable pattern from illogical or mixed up information in a bid to make sense of it all.

This also applies to our other body senses, such as touch, smell, and hearing. By focusing on what you felt at that moment, you can pluck out details to sketch, such as facial features or a message the being was trying to communicate to you.

Pick A Defining Characteristic

It also helps to focus on any noticeable or unique characteristics that you may have noted during your experience. While this can take the form of defining physical points such as clothing or facial features, it can also stem from expressions or possible signs you may have noticed in the lead up to the sighting or event.

Beginning your sketch with these characteristics, or even jotting them down can help your illustration begin to take shape, and in some cases, can prompt additional details.

Engage With Your Spiritual Self

It is said that we are two separate beings: our physical self and our spiritual self. Connecting with your inner self can awaken your physic abilities or open your third eye. This can aid you in revealing further details about the event. In order to do this, you must first find your sense of calm.

This can vary according to the personality. While some may find it through deep breathing techniques and meditation, others can find music to be calming. Allow your mind to be open to what you feel, and prepare yourself to receive information. This means putting yourself in a state of mind that is conducive to the information your higher self is trying to communicate to you.

Meditation, astral projection, and yoga are some tools that can help you foster that connection, and more importantly, receive any information that your mind may have subconsciously hidden away. Meditation can act as a training tool for revealing your third eye and training your mind into that state where you are receptive to receiving images.

It can be useful to sketch or note images at the end of the process, as it may be disruptive to do so as they come to you.

If you do decide to seek or try to reconnect with a ghost or paranormal being, it is important to take precautions to remain safe. Be mindful and respectful of not only the being, but their chosen location.

In most cases, there is some form of attachment to this place, or they may be finding it difficult to cross over into the afterlife. Take someone else with you, along with the appropriate equipment to record any interactions such as a tape recorder or video camera. EMF meters can also help you detect any electric, static or magnetic fields and illustrate the presence of a ghost.

Above all, trust your instinct and know your boundaries. If the experience begins to overwhelm or scare you, remove yourself from the environment and try again at a later time.

Author: Lucy Turner

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