Unknown space object plunges into the sea near the Canary Islands

A mysterious space object caused alarm in Gran Canaria last Wednesday afternoon. According to official sources, the object crossed La Palma, El Hierro, La Gomera, the south of Tenerife and passed through Gran Canaria, to end up plunging into the sea, on the north coast, between the municipalities of Arucas and Guía.

The loud noise generated by the trajectory of the object triggered alarm among the population in different parts of the island. A subsequent fire in the area suggested that it was due to a meteorite impact, which was later ruled out.

When it entered the Canarian sky, a luminous object of an intense red color was seen, and then a trail of smoke. He crossed the western islands in the direction of Gran Canaria.

The alarm began at 15:39. last Wednesday, when dozens of people called 112 reporting “concussions” whose origins have yet to be identified.

According to sources in emergency services, at the moment they did not have to intervene and information about the incident is being collected.

“I don’t know the origin, but the tremor was quite strong. It was not only the windows, floor and walls that were trembling, but in the background there was a sound like a distant explosion, ”Twitter user @meteograncanaria.com said.

The National Geographic Institute has registered the shock, but still does not specify the origin. The authorities are trying to find out the cause of the great noise that this Wednesday keeps Gran Canaria in suspense .

Although it is believed to have been a meteorite, this has not yet been proven. It is said to have been a 3-foot-long object that would weigh many tons.

Such an object would cause a huge tidal wave when it crashes into the sea and that does not seem to be the case here. So, was it a meteorite or could it have been something else that crashed into the sea?

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