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Unknown source sent 1650 signals to Earth in 47 days

Signal spaceA team of scientists led by Professor Li Di and Dr. Wang Pei from the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences captured the largest set of radio bursts.

They arrived in a very short period of time. At the same time, the source of the signals is in distant space and remains unknown today. Reported by the journal Nature.

Fast Radio Burst, or FRB for short, is a special abbreviation used to refer to fairly fast radio signals, the origin of which remains unclear.

For the first time, such signals were recorded in 2007. They have a rather powerful burst of energy, the duration of which is only a few milliseconds.

Previously, experts believed that such signals can be extremely isolated, but recent events show the opposite.

Many bursts are repeated several times and have certain regularity. It was such an event that was recorded by astronomers. In just 47 days, the Earth received 1,652 fast radio bursts.

This event was named FRB 121102. To date, this set of signals is considered the largest known to specialists.

A possible source of signals could be a dwarf galaxy. The multitude of signals that came from it demonstrates the presence of a “permanent radio source”.

Experts also emphasize that it is extremely problematic to predict the behavior of FRB 121102. Some believe that the event is subject to a “seasonal” factor.

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