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The ice and land masses of the Antarctic continent

Unknown source of geothermal energy discovered under Antarctica

The ice and land masses of the Antarctic continentGeologists have discovered on the territory of Antarctica a mysterious source of heat, which is located deep underground and melts ice sheets. Scientists cannot yet explain the nature of this phenomenon.

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It is known that since the middle of the last century, the thickness of the continent’s ice cover has decreased three times, and the area of ​​multiyear ice has decreased by 2 million square kilometers.

According to the latest research, the process of glacier melting was influenced not only by global warming. In 2018, researchers discovered a mysterious source of geothermal energy located deep underground in the eastern part of Antarctica.

Using radar scanning of 3 kilometers thick ice, scientists have found that this phenomenon is directed from bottom to top, due to which the subglacial lakes of Antarctica are continuously filled with incoming melt water.

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According to scientists, the discovered processes can make Antarctica more vulnerable to climate change. The researchers suggested that deep underground there could be radioactive rocks or large hot springs. They also do not exclude the development of volcanic activity in the interior of the continent.

Meanwhile, the conspiracy theorists have put forward other hypotheses. According to them, under Antarctica, Nazi technologies or alien bases, which were often recalled in various sources, may be hidden.

Scientists intend to conduct more research to test their guesses.

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