Universe must have a beginning, scientists say

In a new study published in the Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics, scientists conclude that the Universe must have had a beginning. They completely rejected the possibility of an endless cyclical process.

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The study, led by University at Buffalo physicists led by William H. Kinney, contradicts previous models that assumed endless cycles of expansion and contraction of the Universe.

Scientists have previously proposed cyclic models to explain the continuity and eternity of the universe, but new research demonstrates that these models cannot solve the problem of entropy.

The Big Bang theory, which has dominated over the past decades, suggests that the universe began in an explosion from a small, static point.

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However, it does not agree with some aspects of Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity. Instead, the researchers proposed the Big Bounce theory, which posits that our universe arose from the collapse of a previous universe.

However, new research points to limitations to possible cyclical models. Scientists have discovered that disorder and entropy accumulate in the universe over time, making each cycle different from the previous one. This means that cyclical universes must begin at a certain point in time.

Physicist Will Kinney comments: “We show that when you solve the entropy problem, you create a situation in which the universe must have had a beginning. Our test overall shows that any cyclic model that eliminates entropy by expansion must have a beginning.”

The researchers acknowledge that their proof does not apply to the cyclic model proposed by Roger Penrose, in which the Universe expands infinitely in each cycle. They continue to work on this and intend to conduct further analysis of this model.

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As the authors of the study note, the natural human tendency to understand origins and beginnings has always been present in cultures and histories. The question of what came before the beginning of the universe remains open, and scientists continue to research to find answers.

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