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Universe has no beginning and no end, new theory says

Scientists have proposed a new theory of the evolution of the Universe, published in the journal Progress in Physics, according to which the Big Bang may be a myth. But the Universe does not expand or contract, because it is static and has no beginning or end.

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Imagine that the Big Bang with which the Universe began never happened. Based on this, the Universe has never expanded from a dense tiny point and has been in a stable state throughout its history, having neither a beginning nor an end.

This is what the authors of the new theory suggest, who claim that the Big Bang theory does not work, because it is based on the Doppler effect.

The Doppler effect explains that the perceived increase or decrease in the frequency of light, sound, or other waves depends on how the source of those waves and the observer move towards each other. In space, the light emitted by different objects is affected by the Doppler effect.

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If a body in space moves away from us, then it shifts to the red part of the spectrum, that is, this is a red shift. If a body approaches us, then the light shifts to the blue part of the spectrum.

Starlight measurements have shown that all galaxies are redshifted. That is, they are moving away from us and this confirms the Big Bang theory and the fact that the Universe is constantly expanding.

But the authors of the new study doubt that redshift means movement. That is, the Doppler effect actually destroys the Big Bang theory.

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Observations of space carried out by scientists are consistent with another hypothesis, incompatible with the Big Bang theory. It’s called the light aging hypothesis.

This hypothesis dates back almost 100 years and explains the redshift of the universe by saying that photons, the particles that make up light, lose energy as they pass through space.

Therefore, decreasing or increasing energy does not necessarily mean motion, so no expanding universe can exist. According to the hypothesis, light simply loses energy over time, which means the Universe must be static. The authors of the new theory suggest that there was no initial explosion and that the Universe has neither beginning nor end.

Scientists believe that the red or blue shift of stars depends on Isaac Newton’s corpuscular theory of light. According to this theory, light consists of tiny particles that constantly move in a straight line. That is, the blue or red shift that astronomers see in space is a result of the size of the particles.

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If they are larger, it means blue, if smaller, it means red. The authors of the theory say that if light does not consist of waves, then the Doppler effect does not work, because it is based on the fact that light consists of waves.

At the same time, physicist Stephen Holler does not agree with such conclusions, because the Doppler effect has been repeatedly tested and confirmed, which indicates that the Big Bang did exist.

The scientist explains that astronomers have been able to match the chemical composition of stars and planets according to the spectral lines observed in chemicals on Earth using Doppler spectroscopy.

At the same time, Holler says that so far it has not been possible to fully confirm the Big Bang theory, although it is the best description of the origin of the Universe to date. There is currently nothing to indicate that the Big Bang is a myth, says a physicist.

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  1. What should be tell, that the phrase “There is currently nothing to indicate that the Big Bang is a myth” is not true.
    Because recently discovered farest galaxies do not seems to fit Big Bang theory: they have structure which doesn’t seem young as expected. This is the first important sign, that farest galaxies age is more then hundreds of millions of years as expected. This ruins whole Big Bang concept.

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