Unexplained case of spontaneous combustion of a man in London

In the year 2017, an incident occurred that still remains shrouded in mystery, lacking a definitive explanation. However, numerous indications point towards it being a case of spontaneous human combustion, adding to the intrigue surrounding the event.

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On a fateful September 17th, at approximately 1 pm, 70-year-old John Nolan was strolling along Orchard Place in north London when an inexplicable event unfolded before the eyes of numerous witnesses. Suddenly and inexplicably, Nolan found himself engulfed in flames, leaving those nearby in a state of shock and disbelief.

In a desperate attempt to extinguish the fire, a passer-by instinctively threw their clothes onto Nolan, hoping to douse the flames. However, to their astonishment, the fire persisted with an unexpected intensity, defying all efforts to suppress it.

Eventually, the fire brigade arrived and managed to extinguish the blaze, but tragically, it was too late for Nolan. Suffering from extensive burns covering 65% of his body, he passed away in the hospital the following day, his injuries proving fatal.

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Investigators confronted an immediate challenge as they struggled to determine the origin of the fire. Surprisingly, no other objects or structures in the vicinity appeared to have been affected by the flames.

70-year-old John Nolan (Metropolitan Police)

Neither the pavement nor the nearby fence exhibited any signs of scorching or burning. Furthermore, no traces of flammable substances or accelerants were found on Nolan’s body, eliminating the possibility of external causes.

According to police reports, John Nolan was a respected member of society, known for his amiable nature and absence of conflicts or enemies. Neighbors held him in high regard, describing him as a pleasant individual with a gentle disposition.

Eyewitness testimonies provided no evidence of any interaction or altercation prior to the ignition, ruling out the possibility of intentional harm inflicted by another person.

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An autopsy revealed that Nolan’s cause of death stemmed from severe burns, although curiously, it was not specified whether these burns were external or internal in nature.

In light of these perplexing circumstances, investigators turned to speculation, suggesting that spontaneous combustion might offer the most plausible explanation for Nolan’s tragic demise.

Throughout history, only around 200 cases of spontaneous human combustion have been officially documented, yet it is widely believed that numerous instances have gone unrecorded, particularly the most puzzling and inexplicable cases.

While scientists generally dismiss the phenomenon of spontaneous human combustion as a factual occurrence, they attribute reported cases primarily to individuals who consume alcohol excessively.

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The theory posits that high levels of alcohol in the body, combined with flammable clothing, can lead to fires ignited by even the smallest spark, such as a lit cigarette.

Some experts propose alternative explanations, such as the possibility of an internal “short circuit” or an unconventional chemical reaction occurring within the human body, although further research is needed to substantiate these theories.

The case of John Nolan continues to intrigue and perplex, adding to the enigmatic realm of spontaneous human combustion and prompting further exploration and study of this rare and baffling phenomenon.

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