Unearthed a mysterious statue of an angel with a shield and a sword

Recently, unusual information appeared on the Internet: miners of the Elga coal deposit (Yakutia) allegedly dug up a strange ancient statue in the form of a woman with a sword, shield, and wings. It is reported that the statue was dug up while working with an excavator.

“In the Elga coal deposit in the permafrost zone, miners dug up a strange figurine in the form of a woman with a sword and shield, and as if there are wings behind.

“Scientists are interested in the find, the issue of its further transportation is being decided,” it was said in the first message about the find.

In the video, you can hear the men rejoicing and saying that right now, special services will arrive by helicopter to take the statue for examination.

Later, local authorities made an official statement that the statue was always located in a coal mine. No further explanation has been added.

“Something is suspicious, everyone shouted at once that it was a fake. Even if it is a statue, it is very very ancient, it is like a living thing,” one user wrote.

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