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Under mysterious circumstances, 5,000 birds died in India

In India, under mysterious circumstances, 5,000 birds died near Lake Sambhar – India’s largest salt reservoir. Now experts are trying to figure out what caused the simultaneous death of so many birds.

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Sambhar Lake is located 80 kilometers from the village of Jaipur (southwest). In a certain season, a huge number of birds gather on the shore of the reservoir – waders, flamingos, storks and others (a total of about 10 species). About half a month ago, the Indians began to observe more and more dead birds.

On a coastal stretch of 12 kilometers, 5 thousand birds were found according to official data. The busy coastline in the past today has become a bird cemetery.

A small number of surviving birds remained. There were so many corpses at some points that everyone thought that someone was dumping a pile of manure on the beach.

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The cause of death of all birds is still unknown.

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