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Cat on mountain

Unbelievable: Mountaineer Finds Feline On Top Of 8,000ft Mountain

Cat on mountainWojciech Jabczynski could not believe his eyes when he discovered the ginger cat on Poland’s highest peak. The veteran mountaineer had ascended to the top of Rysy when he came across the feline.

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Regardless of being isolated over 8,000ft up on the top of the mountain’s north-western peak, the pet looked completely unphased and seemed healthy, well-fed and unconcered with its surroundings.

Jabczynski mentioned that the cat had even greeted him as he sat down to eat his meal.

It isn’t clear exactly how it had ended up on the mountain top.

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“In my thoughts, he came from a small hut for tourists under the Rysy peak on the Slovakian side of the mountain but this is just a theory,” said Jabczynski.

Photographs and footage of the adventurous cat can be viewed on his Facebook page.

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