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UFO in paintings

UFOs in Art: What The Artists Wanted To Tell Us

UFO in paintingsUFOs in Art have been making appearances in art for centuries. They appear in many different styles of artwork and are in various shapes and size.

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Sometimes they are subtle and other times they are clearly the prime subject the artwork. Based on the number of examples it is clear the UFOs in Art phenomenon has been with us since man’s beginning.

Many of the included UFO’s are what we now consider “traditional” flying saucers. Generally disk shaped and seemingly metallic in structure, these hovering craft are a common occurrence in even ancient artwork. Some of these even include beings that are piloting or controlling the craft.

The Baptism of Christ by Aert De Gelder
The Baptism of Christ by Aert De Gelder

Interestingly, some are depicted in outfits similar to modern space suits. The technology featured in these artworks wouldn’t be developed for hundreds of years. The fact that these crafts and beings appeared in artwork several hundred years before they were created lends to the idea that something that warrants research into these pieces of art.

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In many of the images, the extraterrestrial beings are included with religious figures or settings. One theory on why this is common is that some of these art pieces may have been commissioned by the church.

When featured with religious characters, it may be an attempt to deify the extraterrestrials crafts and beings. This would mean lead to common folk not investigating too much into the source of these beings if they ever saw or heard of them.

Detail from The Crucifixion Visoki Decani Monestary in Kosovo Yugoslavia
Detail from The Crucifixion Visoki Decani Monestary in Kosovo Yugoslavia

This of course applies to very early art, during which time religion and religious aspects weren’t to be questioned by “lowly peasants”. This would allow those in power to be free from explaining what these extraterrestrial events were as they likely didn’t have an explanation themselves. Some might question this response to questioning.

After all, at the time censorship in writing was common, why not just censor these artworks as well? The answer to that is quite simple. Words only have a certain context of meaning. The powers that be could have read the writing and determined it was discussing some extraterrestrial event pretty readily.

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The same can’t be said of artworks. Many of the depictions of UFO’s are very well hidden and have only recently been discussed as possibly alluding to extraterrestrials or something else.

Artists could have hidden their true meaning in quick descriptions of common folklore and it could easily be passed off until further inspection. But that theory only covers a small portion of the discovered artwork.

One of the most interesting facts about UFO’s in art is that they are included in so many pieces of art, over so long a period of time, and some things remain fairly consistent. Aside from drawings and paintings, there are carvings, rock art, and even coins made to depict UFO’s.

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There are records of UFO’s in artwork over millennia in age. This is incredible in itself, but when we pay attention to the artwork over time, it becomes even more amazing. The flying saucer shape has been found fairly commonly in artwork over the history of art.

It is also fairly consistent in its depiction. The craft is disk shaped and hovering. This could have been attributed to an artistic community taking cues from one another, if it had been modern.

Given the time periods however, there was no way that these artist were in direct contact with each other. Many of the depictions come from different cultures and continents, which makes it even more challenging for artists to have been exposed to other’s works.

Another very common feature is a wide light coming from the UFO. Many paintings include lights coming from the UFO. This is another feature that is prevalent throughout the history of artwork. This adds to the intrigue of the artworks because it shows up so often.

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This fact is one of the hardest to explain about UFO’s in artwork. Along with the disk shape, bright lights are another very common feature. The images are very similar and present technology that was definitely not in existence when the art was produced.

Another consistent feature is portholes on the UFO. Specific features like this that appear constantly throughout the artwork give credence to the possibility that these may have been actual sightings.

One problem with finding out more about these artworks is tracking down the stories behind them. Because of censorship and due to the age of some of the artwork it can become impossible to find any original information about the art.

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There are, however, some stories that are linked with certain pieces of art. From Native American folklore to Japanese expedition stories, the stories along with the artwork paint a very interesting picture. Some stories link UFO sightings to critical events, such as turning the tide of a battle or guiding travelers on the right path.

The stories vary so that it would be impossible to link all of these sightings to a specific type of event. There are scenes of UFO battles covering the sky with what may have been explosions, bright lights beaming down from flying saucers and even depictions of them seemingly cruising along without having an effect on the surroundings.

Again, this makes it harder to pinpoint these sightings to a particular event and try to explain them away as some other phenomenon.

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It isn’t always clear what the reasons for the inclusions of UFOs in art are, but there is a clear record of their existence in art. The stories may be long gone, but these pieces of art live on to tell stories of what may have been UFO sightings.

Though we may not ever be sure what these are, it is certain that there was something that led to these pieces of art coming into existence. Whether they are recordings of actual sightings, we may never know. Until we find more proof, they will be another one of life’s great mysteries.

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