UFOs Behind Mysterious Light Phenomenon Over Miami

A video that has gone viral on social media shows a mysterious phenomenon that some people believe is evidence of UFO activity. The video, recorded in Miami, Florida, shows a bright beam of light moving erratically above the clouds, as if controlled by an intelligent force.

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Some UFO enthusiasts claim that the light is a sign of an alien spacecraft hovering over the city, using a cloaking device to blend in with the clouds.

They say that the light is caused by the reflection of the sun on the metallic surface of the UFO, which occasionally breaks through the cloud cover.

Others suggest that the light is a form of communication from an extraterrestrial civilization, trying to send a message to humanity using a complex code. They argue that the light patterns are too regular and symmetrical to be natural, and that they resemble some ancient symbols or geometric shapes.

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However, scientists have a different explanation for the phenomenon, which they call a crown flash. They say that it is a rare optical effect caused by the alignment of ice crystals above a thunderstorm.

The ice crystals are affected by the electric fields around the cloud, and they reflect or refract sunlight in different directions. When the electric fields change due to lightning or other factors, the ice crystals also change their orientation, creating the appearance of a flashing or dancing light.

Scientists say that crown flashes are very rare and hard to observe, because they depend on the position of the observer, the sun and the cloud.

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They also say that they are harmless and do not pose any threat to humans or aircraft. They admit that they do not fully understand how crown flashes work, but they are confident that they have nothing to do with UFOs or aliens.

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