UFOs are actually USOs: unidentified objects love water more than air

Alien hunters believe that they should focus their attention on USOs – Unidentified Submersible Objects.

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There are numerous reports of the emergence of USOs from all over the world, with the majority of such facilities said to be concentrated in certain parts of the planet.

Alien hunter Nigel Watson, who has been collecting various reports of the appearance of unknown and possibly extraterrestrial objects on Earth, says that due to the fact that our planet is covered with so much water, it is not surprising that UFOs are often sighted over or near huge bodies of water.

According to him, these UFOs, which can be called USOs, are often observed in the North Sea and off the coast of California and Puerto Rico.

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Former US Navy pilot David Fravor described how a fellow pilot told him about a meeting with an USO. He saw a large round “dark mass” that was not a submarine, but was in the water and rising from the depths.

A pilot who was hauling spent training munitions out of the sea in a US Navy helicopter said the training torpedo he was sent to retrieve was pulled into the sea by another object. The torpedo never surfaced. This happened near Puerto Rico.

In the late sixties of the last century, intense UFO movement was noticed at the US naval base at Guantanamo Bay. A former Marine, who wished to remain anonymous, said that UFOs flew overhead at a relatively low altitude almost every night.

Most of these objects were between 15 and 30 meters wide and had small red glowing dots along their bodies. The Marine claims he was ordered not to discuss sightings of these objects.

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According to Bob McGuire from Virginia Tech, USA, he witnessed an unknown object floating underwater above the USS submarine. Hampton at speeds exceeding the speed of sound. McGuire said the submarine’s onboard sonar detected the USO.

McGuire, who was on the submarine doing classified work, says the crew decided not to investigate so they could focus on their mission. According to the scientist’s report, the meeting with the fast-moving NGO lasted only a few seconds.

In 2014, alien hunters spotted what many called an “alien base” about 600 meters underwater off the coast of California. There were between 50 and 100 accounts of USOs going in and out of the water.

Later, an unusual underwater “structure” noticed on Google Earth maps, and which was considered an “alien base,” was called by scientists a common natural phenomenon unrelated to UFOs.

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