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UFOs and Alien Bodies Inside a Secret U.S. Air Force Base “Hangar 18”

Conspiracy theorists claim that there are flying saucers and alien corpses inside the US Air Force Base Hangar 18. And there is even a sealed and guarded room where the physical evidence of the infamous plane crash in Roswell is kept, the Daily Star writes.

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UFO believers argue that the US Air Force base is a secret haven for the wreckage of the famous Roswell plane crash, alien bodies, flying saucers and much more.

Hangar 18 is rumored to have been involved in extraterrestrial activity since the 1940s. It is assumed that even living aliens can hide there.

UFO roswell

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All of this is allegedly stored in a sealed and guarded room dubbed the Blue Room, inspired by the Blue Book Project, which was the official US government investigation into dozens of UFO sightings.

Most of the theories surrounding Hangar 18 have to do with the Roswell air crash. In 1947, the army issued a press release stating that a “flying disc” was found that crashed nearby, as reported by The Sun.

However, a subsequent statement was then released by the Air Force Base in Fort Worth, Texas, refuting the previous report, which claimed a weather balloon had fallen to the ground.

roswell ufo crash

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Later, in 1994, officials acknowledged that a Cold War spy device had crashed in Roswell, but that did little to appease conspiracy theorists.

UFO believers believe that the wreckage after the crash was transported to Hangar 18, where it continues to this day.

This belief stems from reports from former pilots at the base. In particular, Oliver Henderson told about this, who confessed to his wife that he was flying on a plane loaded with UFO wreckage from Roswell. The American also shared that he was carrying several small alien bodies.

Another story comes from the kids of WWII veteran Marion ‘Black Mac’ Macgruder. They claim their father told them he saw a living alien at the Ohio base in 1947.


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It is claimed he told his family “it was a shameful thing that the military destroyed this creature by conducting tests on it.”

Republican Senator Barry Goldwater also stated that he tried to break into the so-called Blue Room in the early 1960s, but was stopped by General Wright-Patterson.

In 1974, science fiction writer Robert Spencer Carr claimed that the military kept “two flying saucers of unknown origin” inside the hangar, the Tampa Tribune reported.

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In addition, he noted that he had a high-ranking source in the army who saw 12 bodies of aliens who were operated on at the base. His statement inspired a 1980 film called Hangar 18.

The government and the Air Force has always strongly denied the rumours about the base.

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