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Ufology scientists: aliens are accused of fires in California

Orange UFOExperts have speculated the use of energy weapons by representatives of extraterrestrial civilization.

In the summer, forest fires in the state of California began to occur, but then they had no such scale and could be localized.. Fires became more dangerous for the citizens of the state in November and their area is much larger.

Ufology experts have developed their version of the origin of the elements. The aliens using super – powerful energy weapons are to blame in their opinion. Scientists refer to the unusual burns left in the vegetation as evidence of the use of this weapon. They were supposed to be left with a laser from which the aliens fired their flying objects. Fires occurred as a result of these shots.

An example of such a “shot” is the case when the house was burnt to the ground and the forest remained untouched around it.

Again according to scientists, extraterrestrials create extreme situations to examine how people on Earth act in these cases.

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