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Alien contact

Ufology and Extraterrestrial Contact – What If?

Alien contactFor a few moments, cast aside the speculative doubt over alien visitation and their Earthly agendas. Let’s explore the “What If?” scenario, by assuming that extraterrestrial biological entities are, and have been for a very long time, active participants, if not the actual progenitors, in the human evolutionary drama.

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Scientifically speaking, there exists a great and unexplained logistical account for our appearance some four to five million years ago. While Darwinian evolution seeks to solve the enigmatic problem of human existence, and is actively supported as such, there are too many puzzle pieces it must ignore in order to both quantify and qualify its own theory.

When these anomalous factors are examined, quite frankly, they do not appear to be a part of any ‘natural selection’ evolutionary dynamic. On the contrary, they distinctly support an interventionistic approach.

That is, something ‘foreign’ was introduced into our ancestral primate genome, which allowed for the significant mutagenic change that caused Homo sapiens sapiens (et al) lineage to branch off and split from the evolutionary tree, away from the lower primates.

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Every human has a unique DNA fingerprint, but of actual genes (2 to 3% of DNA) about 99% are common. Therefore, 99% of human genes radiate through many individuals with little alteration or likelihood of genetic death.

About 10 percent of DNA is typically assumed to code for genes, and the rest is mostly non-functional. A mutation to the functional DNA will change the amino acid more than 2/3 of the time, and if it does, the mutation will be harmful about 9/10 of the time or more (according to estimates by biologists).

Some 96% of genes in the ancestor great ape genome retained sequence while radiating into a variety of types, including humans.

The human ancestral lineage became distinct from the NWM (New World Monkey) 57.5 million years ago, the OWM (Old World Monkey) 31 million years ago, the gorilla 7 to 8 million years ago, and the chimpanzee 4.5 million years ago.

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The trend set in ancient life thus carried into modern life, which explains how humans and chimpanzees can share 98.4% of the same genome (gorillas share ‘only’ 98.2%, while bonobos; a lesser-known chimp-like ape; share the most at nearly 99%!).

Humans are placed in the same taxonomy Order as chimpanzees, bonobos, orang-utans and gorillas (Primates), but are separated out at the Sub-Order level Haplorhini, with chimps and bonobos, orang-utans, and gorillas being placed in the Family of Ponginae, and humans in Hominidae.

Further separation occurs at the Genus level, with humans, chimps, bonobos and gorillas being classified as Homo, Pongo, Pan and Gorilla respectively.

What is also of great importance is that humans are ‘left brained’; the planum temporale section of the human brain that controls language is much larger on the left. In 1998, researchers performed brain scans on the great apes, and found that orang-utans, gorillas, chimps and bonobos all were left-brained, too. Monkeys, lower on the evolutionary scale, were not!

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Evolution could be tending towards a state (manifest in the great ape genome) where over 96% of sequences are conserved, but the fact remains that humans have somehow acquired 2 less chromosomes than the other great apes, within less genetic variety than chimps! The closest relative of the human proves to be the chimp.

The closest relative of the chimp is the human. Us! Chimps and humans are nearer kin than are chimps and gorillas, or any other kinds of ape not of the same species for that matter. Gorillas are the next closest relatives, both to chimps and humans.

“We humans have not evolved from any of the two hundred other primate species alive today; rather, we and they have evolved together from a succession of common ancestors. The still unidentified, now-extinct (?) common ancestor of humans and chimpanzees separated from the gorillas maybe 7 million years ago. (Commonly referred to as the ‘Missing Link’.)

Very quickly thereafter, the lines to chimps and humans began evolving toward their separate destinies. On a planet that’s been inhabited a thousand times longer, that’s pretty recently, as recent as the last two weeks in the life of a fifty-year-old human.

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This doesn’t mean that humans and chimps themselves began 6 million years ago; only that our common twig in the evolutionary tree branched out then.” – Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors by Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan.

So what, you ask, does this have to do with the alien abduction of human beings, and their subsequent hybridization program? Simply put, the aliens ARE the ‘Missing Link’!

I don’t mean that they separated from the gorilla lineage, but that they were responsible for creating the separation genetically. Literally, they introduced their DNA into our ancestral genome through a hybridization program.

This would logically account for the sudden physical and mental disparity between ancient Man and ancient Ape. The aliens genetically modified our lineage for their own controlling agenda then, and are now, simply, continuing their work. The question remains: Why?

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Author: Lloyd Hanninen

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