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Ufologist showed a cube the size of the Earth flying out of the Sun

Well-known Taiwanese ufologist Scott Waring once again pleased his readers with an interesting observation.

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This time, a researcher in the field of the unidentified saw a cube the size of the Earth flying out of the Sun. He announced this on his official website.

According to Waring, in this case, he fixed not the usual UFO – this is a cube the size of the Earth. According to the ufologist, this proves the existence of aliens.

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“As you can see, an unidentified flying object takes off from the Sun. This is 100% proof of the existence of intelligent life. Look at the line of solar material leading to the 45 degree cube! This is impossible for any natural object in space, but a spacecraft could do it.

“This is not the first time I have registered such an object near our Sun. I have observed this since 2010,” said the researcher.

Of course, netizens immediately began a heated discussion. Someone suggested that it was just a weather balloon.

Other commentators have pointed out that in any case it is surprising to see that objects do not evaporate from exposure to unbearable heat.

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Loyal fans of Waring, in turn, agreed with the ufologist, believing that the cube refers to aliens.

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