Nick pope

Ufologist Nick Pope predicted the death of mankind after contact with aliens

Nick pope
Nick Pope
The contact of humanity with extraterrestrial civilizations can end quite sadly. British ufologist Nick Pope predicted the instant death of mankind after meeting with aliens.

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The existence of space aliens has long worried the minds of not only scientists, but also ordinary people. From year to year, experts, amateurs and enthusiasts do not leave attempts to get in touch with the inhabitants of other planets and galaxies.

Nick Pope explained how such an aspiration of mankind could end. The ufologist builds his conclusions on the basis of personal experience, including during cooperation with the British government to study unidentified flying objects.

According to him, nothing good should be expected from contact with aliens. Pope predicted instant death for mankind from the “hands” of the aliens. The expert is sure that representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization can fly in with only one goal: to conquer our planet.

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As a comparison, he cited the colonialists of the 15th century who invaded North America. At that time, the indigenous inhabitants of these territories suffered noticeably at the hands of the colonialists, since they did not have such powerful weapons as the Europeans.

If humanity ever establishes contact with aliens, then the latter will act as colonizers, and we will act as Indians with our “sticks”.

For this reason, Nick considers the practice of scientists trying to find distant galaxies and planets where life could exist dangerous, since if alien ships can “leap” into our solar system, then we can assume the scale of their weapons.

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  1. I tend to agree with John’s comment. If aliens are so technically advanced then we are, and I am sure they are, they could have taken over earth many thousands of years ago. For some reason, I have never felt that aliens, which I believe do exist within other universes and galaxies, are a threat. How many thousands of years has earth & our civilizations existed? If we were going to be overtaken by aliens, I am sure it would have occurred long ago. If anything, my prediction is and I hope I do not live to see it, humans will destroy earth and everything in it due to greed & wanting power.

  2. I have always found Nick Pope to be credible. Seems to me that there is more evidence of UFO’s then there is of a god. Everyone has their own feelings about all of this but in my humble opinion I feel that the ET’s could have invaded or destroyed us long ago or anytime they wanted to. The US government has acknowledged their existence and is probably hiding more information.

  3. this is very interesting, thousands of people have seen and seeing ufos. They have been taken, had their eggs taken been inseminated, they mutilated cattle, I wont go on because WE know all this. If they want to destroy us well they are waiting for what? now is as good time well maybe not as we are all diseased, been a ufo hunter since 1960, still no space things or beings have landed. I love reading about peoples experiences, please continue with the stories, I thank you all. Reni

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