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Ufologist claims that hybrids of humans and aliens roam our planet

UFO and alien expert Colin Saunders claims that aliens are now interfering with the human reproductive system as their goal is to create an army of hybrid aliens that look like humans. They are supposedly planning to take over the earth with this army of hybrid aliens.

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Colin Saunders believes that these hybrids may actually already be among us, and in his words, they may be our “wives, husbands and mothers-in-law.”

According to Colin, humans are the cause of the gradual destruction of the Earth, and therefore the aliens want to take over the earth in order to save the planet from its inevitable death.

They look just like us, therefore there is no way to tell them apart, believes Colin. He has written a book about his personal experience with “triangle crafts.” He claimed to have spoken with hundreds of abductees, who said they had been transported aboard in extraterrestrial ships for the missions.

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“If I had to speculate, the aliens appear to have a programme of kidnapping,” he said.

“People are being taken aboard in a craft that is coming down and kidnapping them in the dead of the night. They are then laid on a table. Finally, using a probe of some kind, they extract the sperm and eggs. I’ve heard this tale from countless abductees, none of whom are related to one another, yet are strikingly similar in their accounts”.

He says that these alien hybrids are already on earth, reproducing with humans and further increasing their population to take over the earth.

Not only Colin Saunders believes that the Earth is already home to aliens. According to UFO hunter Robert Pulme, who has been looking into this for the past 20 years, that aliens are already on Earth and coexisting with humans, impersonating regular people, and working at regular occupations.

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