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UFO ‘the size of three aircraft carriers’ seen over US nuclear reactor

In 1945, American military pilots saw a huge UFO over the first nuclear reactor in the United States.

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Pilots flying Grumman F6F Hellcat fighters saw an unidentified flying object, the size of three aircraft carriers, in the sky over the Hanford complex.

The Hanford Radioactive Production Facility was built in 1943 as part of the Manhattan Project on the banks of the Columbia River in Washington State. It also housed the world’s first industrial plutonium production reactor.

Documents of sightings of a huge UFO at this site were found in the archives of NICAP – the National Investigative Committee on Airborne Incidents investigating UFO incidents, which operated in the 1950s and 1980s in the United States.

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During the Second World War, about 60 miles from Hanford was the US Naval Base Pasco, responsible for training pilots for combat missions from aircraft carriers.

In July 1945, the base’s radar spotted a very fast moving object that eventually hovered directly over the Hanford reactor building. The object was so high that the pilots sent to the object could not see it visually for a long time. When they gained altitude and saw it, they immediately realized that this was not like any flying vessel known to them.

The object was saucer-shaped and bright. And it began to rise abnormally quickly when fighters began to fly up to it.

The maximum altitude that the F6Fs could reach was about 11 km, but that day they climbed even higher than this line and still could not catch up with the UFO.

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At the same time, the object did not make any movements showing that it was threatening aircraft, did not give any signals, it simply hovered at a high altitude, as if observing. When the fighters faced the risk of engine failure and fuel consumption became critical, they were forced to return to base one by one.

The strange object disappeared about 20 minutes later, just as suddenly as it appeared.

In total, six pilots saw the UFO and they later described it as “the size of three aircraft carriers, placed side by side”, oval in shape, heavily streamlined “like an elongated egg”, and pinkish in color.

According to the testimony of one of the pilots, something like steam was coming out of the outer edges of the object, from vents or viewing holes. At the time of the incident, the sky was clear and the UFO hovered at an altitude of about 20 km.

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This is a truly impressive incident, showing that the aliens have been interested in humanity’s nuclear technology from the very beginning. And maybe after that they “corrected” their actions, no longer sending such large ships for observation.

And this was not the only UFO visit to the Hanford area.

A handwritten report from 1947 written by Commander R.W. Hendershot was also found in the NICAP archives. According to this report, in the second half of December 1944, and also in January and February 1945, radar operators at Pasco AFB saw strange flying objects on their radar screens.

These sudden “flashes” appeared as if from nowhere and then flew from the northwest to the southeast, quickly disappearing from the radar screens. In two such cases, fighter jets were sent to intercept the object with the order for the pilots to shoot down everything that seemed hostile to them.

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However, in each of the two such cases, the pilots failed to make “contact” with the strange UFOs. In one case, it was indicated that the object was too high for this.

Here is a copy of Hendershot’s hand-written letter:

“In the latter part of December 1944 and January and February 1945, radar operators at the Naval Air Station, Pasco, Washington, reported unusual blips on their radar screens.

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“These blips appeared out of nowhere and proceeded from Northwest of the Air Station to the Southeast and consequently off of the radar screens. A fighter pilot was made available with an armed F6F fighter and given orders to shoot down anything that appeared to be hostile.

“He was vectored out on two occasions that this writer remembers, but, in each instance made no contact. The blip always acted much like a Piper Cub aircraft and at about the same speed.

“The writer was vectored out one afternoon in an SNJ aircraft to make contact with one of these blips. This particular one appeared to be very high according to the radar operators.

“Nothing was sighted but the operators reported two blips on the screen. The writer is convinced that there was something there, but, the mystery as to what it was will apparently never be answered.”

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