UFO that looks like a jellyfish swam across the sky over Mexico

Marcela Guzmán shared a video on social media showcasing an intriguing sighting of an unidentified flying object resembling a pale jellyfish.

The video was recently recorded in Tamaulipas, Mexico, and local media outlets have reported similar UFO sightings in the neighboring states of Nuevo León and Coahuila.

The object exhibits a luminous glow, with a translucent dome of light suspended above it.

As it leisurely traverses the sky, the dome gradually expands, appearing wider as the UFO approaches the video’s author. The video quickly went viral, accumulating nearly 5 million views.

Marcela, the video’s creator, expressed her curiosity and inquired if others had witnessed a similar phenomenon. She wrote, “Has anyone else observed this anywhere? The object in the video began to trace a circular path and eventually vanished, later transforming into a minuscule star.”

Among the thousands of commenters, some also claimed to have witnessed the UFO:

“I saw it too! I was sitting on the bus at the time and asked my father what it could be. Initially, we thought it was a star, but then it started moving in a circular motion before disappearing,” wrote one eyewitness.

“I also spotted this while visiting my grandparents’ house. I observed it approaching within a few meters of a plane, emitting smoke rings before suddenly vanishing,” shared another individual.

As of now, the nature of this object remains undetermined. Theories involving Chinese lanterns or drones have been dismissed, as the object did not resemble either.

An intriguing speculation suggests the possibility of an elaborate projection originating from the ground and reaching into the sky using an unknown device.

However, this theory raises questions about how someone could have traversed multiple states overnight to execute such a prank. There are inconsistencies that warrant further investigation.

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