UFO Sightings, Crashes, and Cover-ups: Will We Find the Truth?

UFOWill humanity ever learn the truth about the existence of UFOs, or are we forever destined to stare up into the skies and wonder?

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Why does the thought of visitors from another planet seem to set peoples nerves on edge? Are self-proclaimed alien abductees, alien theorists, and camera happy UFO photographers all either insane or delusional? Or could there in fact be some truth to the literally thousands of people across the globe that believe they have seen, photographed, video taped, or been abducted by aliens that fly around our skies in shiny metal space crafts?

Military UFO Sightings and the Government Cover-ups

For decades, fighter pilots, and many other military personnel have reported UFO sightings. One such encounter is detailed below.

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American fighter pilot Milton Torres became convinced of the existence of UFOs on May 20, 1957, when he received orders to scramble. His orders were to intercept a UFO, that ground radar operators had been tracking for a while, over East Anglia, England, Torres remembered the night being so cloudy he could not see anything, until an object the size of a B-52 bomber, suddenly showed up on his radar.

Torres was ordered to fire a full salvo of 24 rockets at the object, but before he could follow those orders, the UFO sped off, disappearing from his radar. The following day Torres was forbidden to discuss the incident, by a man claiming to be with the National Security Agency.

There are many similar incidents of airline pilots and military pilots seeing, following, and even flying alongside UFOs. Is there some government conspiracy, to cover-up actual UFO encounters, as is suggested in Torres account, about the events he claims to have experienced in 1957?

Roswell, New Mexico — Crash or Cover-up?

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Roswell, New Mexico, is home to what many UFO theorists believe to be the grandfather of all government cover-ups. In July of 1947, many witnessed what they believe was the crash of a UFO.

George Wilcox, the Roswell sheriff, reported the incident to the Roswell Army Air Field. According to witnesses, military vehicles came in, and carried out, what they believed was wreckage from an alien spacecraft.

Paranormal UFO Activity — Real or Not?

Citizens in New York, China, and several other major cities around the world have reported seeing strange objects flying, hovering, or speeding across the skies above their heads. Are these sightings a case of mass hallucinations, secret government aircraft testing, or a cluster of escaped balloons from a grade school party?

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Stanley Fulham a retired NORAD officer, and author of “Challenges of Change”, book one, edition 3, published by Amisk Enterprises (January 2008),believes he knows why UFO sightings are becoming more common recently.

In his book, he explains that an alien race he calls the Pleiadians’, are trying to desensitize us, so that when they do make contact, it will not cause global panic.

Will Humanity Ever Learn the Truth about UFOs

It would appear that if there are indeed alien spaceships visiting Earth, humanity might have to wait until the extraterrestrial pilots of these crafts decide to make contact. The U.S. Government, and many other Governments across the globe, seem intent on keeping citizens guessing at the truth.

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Until humankind has a clear and concise answer about the existence of aliens, spaceships, and cover-ups, we will continue to stare into the skies and wonder. Are we alone in the Universe?

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