UFO Sighted During Russian Cosmonauts Space Walk

While conducting a spacewalk at the ISS, cosmonauts might have had an unexpected celestial audience, as footage (see below) of the event captures a curious moment when two silvery unidentified flying objects (UFOs) eerily emerge from the darkness of space, reports coasttocoastam.com.

This enigmatic occurrence took place the previous Wednesday, as Sergey Prokopyev and Dmitri Petelin were reportedly assigned to attach debris shields to the space station and to conduct a test of a massive robotic arm developed for the ISS by the European Space Agency.

The cosmonauts’ relatively high-profile extravehicular activity was streamed live online by NASA, allowing keen-eyed viewers to notice the peculiar objects.

Visible in the video provided, during the spacewalk, a small silver object seemingly materializes in the distance, followed by another orb-like anomaly moments later.

These intriguing UFOs then disappear from view just a few seconds later. As one might conjecture, some online observers have posited that these anomalies could be of alien origin, as they remain stationary rather than moving through space like a satellite would.

However, more skeptical viewers contend that the objects might be space debris or possibly glitches in the video feed.

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Jake Carter

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