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UFO reportedly spotted near Russian nuclear power plant

A UFO (unidentified flying object) was spotted Wednesday near Russia’s Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant in the city of Sosnovy Bor in the Leningrad Oblast, reports

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While the nature of the UFO is not clear, Russian military officials, who are investigating the incident, are at the very least certain that it wasn’t a drone or an airplane.

“The unknown object moved at the speed of the wind,” a Russian official told the Russian state news agency TASS.

“This means it doesn’t have engines, which means it isn’t a drone or an airplane.”

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Other local media reports over Telegram said the UFO was located 10,000 meters in the sky and moving at 200 kilometers an hour.

This isn’t the first time this year that there were reports of a UFO incident in Russia.

Back in January, Russian air defenses reportedly shot down a UFO in the Rostov Oblast near the Ukrainian border.

That UFO’s identity was also unclear, but at the time, any possibility of it being a probe for some kind of advanced alien life was dismissed. Rather, many in Russia, such as lawmaker Anatoly Wasserman, claimed it was a drone sent by Ukraine.

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The Rostov Oblast is very close to Ukraine and is located along the Sea of Azov, a vital strategic waterway in the Russia-Ukraine War.

However, the Leningrad Oblast is much farther away from Ukraine, and is instead farther north, bordering Estonia and Finland.

The origin and nature of this UFO, if the reports are correct and it actually exists, is still unknown.

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