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UFO pursuit videos have just been verified by the U.S. Navy

A video showing US Navy pilots chasing mysterious unidentified flying objects has been confirmed as real, reports

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In 2017 and 2018, the New York Times released three videos showing pilots of the U.S. Navy trying to hunt unknown objects traveling at hypersonic speeds. No obvious wings, marks or even any visible means of propulsion were displayed by the objects.

Now Joseph Gradisher, a spokesman for Information Warfare’s Deputy Chief of Naval Operations, has come forward to verify to The Black Vault that these videos are actually genuine.

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The U.S. Navy, he says, believes these objects to be “unidentified aerial phenomena.” A former Pentagon worker has never cleared the videos for release and has accidentally distributed them. They were initially designed to be added to an internal database of government.

While noticing that this revelation does not indicate that the objects were necessarily extraterrestrial in nature, it suggests that even the U.S. Navy does not understand what they are.

Incidents of this nature are also probable to happen much more frequently than is usually realized.

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